Doctor of Philosophy Program in Health Science

Doctor of Philosophy in Health Science

   Ph.D. (Health Science)


The Ph.D. program in Health Science trains students in advanced research, leadership, and ethics, three core skills required to perform high quality, life-changing research in health science. The course is aimed at lecturers and healthcare professionals interested in epidemiology and health promotion, biomedical science, and Thai traditional medicine. During this program, students learn to develop theoretically and practically sound methods of improving public health and quality of life. Students are taught to conduct research in a sustainable manner, with attention to local conditions and the cultures of Thailand and the ASEAN community.

Courses and Areas of Specialty

–  Biomedical science (including anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, neurology, parasitology and physiology)
–  Epidemiology and health promotion
–  Thai traditional medicine
 Requirements for Applicants
– All applicants must submit a research proposal at the time of application

– Applicants seeking to enroll in the ‘Plan 1’ program (i.e., research-based without coursework) must have at least one publication in a reputable scientific journal (i.e., a journal listed in the Thai Citation Index or other MSU-approved database)
  Entrance and Evaluation Methods

  1. Interview
  2. Quality of research proposal

 The Curriculum’s Total Credits
  Plan 1 Research-based without coursework

– Plan 1.1: For applicants with a Master’s degree, a total of 48 credits is required

– Plan 1.2: For applicants with a Bachelor’s degree, a total of 72 credits is required

  Plan 2 Both research and coursework

– Plan 2.1: For applicants with a Master’s degree, 12 credits from coursework are required, and 36 credits are required from dissertation

 – Plan 2.2: For applicants with a Bachelor’s degree, 24 credits from coursework are required, and 48 credits are required from dissertation

Both plans require approximately 3-4 years for degree completion.

Curriculum Structure
Table 2 Curriculum structure by number of credits and study plan          

Course Category Study Plan (credit)
1.1  1.2  2.1 2.2
 1. Coursework

1.1 Core









  1.2 Specialty
       – Required 3 9
       – Elective 6
 2. Thesis 48 72 36 48
  Total credit 48 72 48 72

* Students must also participate in seminar courses without credits

Estimated Expenses
Table 3 Estimated cost of expense by curriculum

        Expense Curriculum
M.Sc. (THB) Ph.D.(THB)
Credit cost (Baht/credit)     500    2,000
Tuition fee /semester (Baht) 10,000  30,000
Estimated total cost of expense (Baht)     58,000    276,000

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