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♦ Education

The faculty runs three undergraduate degree programs and two graduate degree programs.

     1. The Doctor of Medicine program produces highly adept and ethical graduates in Medicine, and is helping to meet the growing demand for better medical-care services both locally and nationally.
     2. The Bachelor of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine Program provides intensive training in Applied Thai Traditional Medicine, enabling graduates to take care of patients according to the wisdom of our nation’s ancestors.
     3. The Bachelor of Science Program in Emergency Health Care furnishes graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to administer safe, rapid-response health care to emergency patients.
     4. The Master of Science Program in Health Science provides training in research, equipping graduates with the skills needed to excel in academia, industry and healthcare settings.
     5. The Doctor of Philosophy Program in Health Science provides advanced training in data collection, statistics, communication and other research skills, enabling students to make original contributions to knowledge in their chosen fields of study. This degree prepares its graduates for leadership roles in academia, industry and healthcare.

All five of these degree programs undergo regular quality assurance and risk management assessments by the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission and Thailand Quality Award.